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Our Mission

Full Circle Realty is a Massachusetts based real estate brokerage that constantly challenges our staff to provide the most professional and educated service for our clients. We continually implement process improvement techniques to ultimately streamline real estate transactions and remove additional burdens for our clients. Striving to provide a professional, innovative, and efficient service for clients is our unwavering goal.

Our Story

Best friends and neighbors since childhood Chris Mehr and Tom Kellermann are the original founders of Full Circle Realty LLC. After growing up and going to school locally both continued to pursue their formal educations, while also beginning their real estate schooling as young property investors. Tom went on to receive a degree from the United States Air Force Academy in Management and Leadership while Chris completed a degree in Civil Engineering at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. After finishing his education Tom entered active duty service as a military officer, tailored his skill set while serving a tour in Iraq, and negotiated high value government contracts when he returned home. Meanwhile, Chris went on to work for one of the largest civil engineering firms in the country and gained a vast array of experience working as a project engineer with a specialization in construction management. Drawing from both of their experiences they became the perfect team to found a real estate brokerage. A blend of skilled negotiating, professionalism, construction experience, and most importantly the drive to succeed, Chris and Tom established Full Circle Realty LLC to reach out and provide clients a way to help build their real estate futures.

What Our Clients Say

“I am truly appreciative of the fantastic assistance you provided throughout our first home buying experience. Your calm demeanor and phenomenal guidance significantly alleviated any concerns we encountered during the process.”

– J.T., Boston, MA

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